suction (uncountable)

  1. The principle of physics by which matter is drawn from one space into another because the pressure inside the second space is lower than the pressure in the first.
  2. The principle of physics by which one item is caused to adhere to another because the pressure in the space between the items is lower than the pressure outside that space.
  3. The process of creating an imbalance in pressure to draw matter from one place to another.

7 letters in word "suction": C I N O S T U.

No anagrams for suction found in this word list.

Words found within suction:

cion cions cis cist cit cito cits coin coins coit coits coitus con coni cons conus cos cost cot cots count counts cousin cuit cuits cut cutin cutins cutis cuts icon icons ictus in incus incut ins into inust io ion ions ios is iso it its nis nit nits no nos not nous nout nu nus nut nuts oi oint oints on oncus ons onst ontic onus os otic ou oust out outs outsin scion sco scot scout scut si sic sin sit snit snot snout so soc son sonic sot sou souct sout st stoic stoun stun sui suint suit sun suni ti tic tics tin tins tis to toc tocs tocsin ton tonic tonics tons tonus toun touns tui tuis tun tunic tunics tuns un unci unco uncos uni unis unit units uns unto us ustion ut utis uts

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